Hey there! Can you believe these pictures were taken at 8:30 pm? My boyfriend and I went for a walk yesterday and I asked him to take me these ones, this outfit is what I usually like to wear, black, black and black, everyone (and I mean every single person) ask me why do I wear too much black or dark outfits, and the answer is: it’s my problem! if you want to wear pink clothes it’s alright for me, I don’t care, so you shouldn’t care either 😀 Okay, that sounded kinda rude, but my point is that at first those questions were cool but now I’m tired of them, so yeah. IMG_0401 IMG_0349 IMG_0334 IMG_0327 IMG_0319

Have a nice day guys! I’m going to my town to spend the day with my cousins Marlenn and Vanessa 🙂

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Law student // Fashion addicted

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