Hello everyone!
This is going to finally be my first post here (my new blog), yeah yeah, it looks kinda the same as the one that I used to have at wordpressdotcom except for the theme/design, but it is because I am not going to change at all, I just decided to buy a hosting server and a domain, so from now I am going to be the owner of my blog! I know it’s been a long time since I last updated my blog, and the truth is that I’ve been so busy with this move and with this thing called life. I promise I will make a big update later, maybe tomorrow, when I have more time, but I just thought that you all should know the reason and that’s why I am here now.
Today is a day off, my boyfriend didn’t go to work so I am going to spend the whole afternoon with him, he’s actually on his way to my house already, so I really must go to get ready and see him.
See you tomorrow (hopefully) and by the way, I truly hope you all like my new theme, I really do 🙂

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