IMG_2214 IMG_2215It’s Thursday morning and I don’t want to get back to the master degree! haha, well, as some of you might know, I finished my second quarter of the university and there’s only 4 quarters left till I finally graduate! After that, I don’t want to know anything about master degrees! (at least for a couple of years). The last few weeks I’ve been so into my future life, thinking and thinking what should I do. Whether to stay in this city or go to a bigger one. The thing is that I’ve realized that here, at least for now, I don’t have a stable future, (talking about money), and oh God, I love the beach! A couple of months ago I received an offer from a very good company at Cancún (the most beautiful beach in México), but I declined it because of my master degree, uuhhh you guys don’t have an idea of how many problems has given me this freakin’ master degree. Also, I am not so happy with the fact that I have to go there every fuckin’ Friday to Saturday, it would be super cool if there were people whom I feel comfortable with, but don’t judge me, it’s just that they are different. I go with my boyfriend but he all the time tries to fit with them, (maybe he does feel comfortable or I don’t know) and there I am, with him, and with them, trying to speak about subjects that are not my hit. Anyways, the point is that tomorrow I will start my third quarter of the master degree and I seriously cannot wait to finally finish that shit.IMG_2236Oh yeah, as you can see in these photos, I decided to buy that hat! Do you guys like it? I still feel weird wearing it, but oh well. IMG_2205

By the way, the whole outfit is from Massimo Dutti, I mean it, the pants, blouse, coat, bag and hat. Yep, I’m obsessed with that shop, right? hahaha! Oh, sorry, except for the heels, they’re from Dione.
Alright guys, have fun wherever you are and take care! 🙂

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