A lot of people have been telling me that all of my outfits are the same: black and white, well, what can I say? Those are my favorite colors ha!
Today is Sunday and I woke up so excited because I made plans with my girls, but in the last minute plans changed, why am I not surprised? Alright, so I called my boyfriend to see him (honestly I’d rather be with him all the time, but I promised myself that I should hang out with more people, not only with him, so that’s why I made plans with my girl friends) and oh surprise, he was busy too. I guess I’m the only person in the world who is always there… is not that I am not busy, I always have something to do, but it’s just that if I make an appointment, if I plan something with someone, I hate to change it or cancel it, you know?  So I sat down and realized that hey, if everybody is busy I can always hang out with myself 😀 I guess I’ll go to a restaurant to eat, and later to the movies and yeah, that will be my fun Sunday, I am not being sarcastic, okay? haha! I mean it, most of the time I am by myself, and I like that! Except for Sundays, I am always with my family that day, but this weekend I stood at the house of Aguascalientes because my boyfriend invited me to a family party on Saturday night. Honestly, I thought we were going to be together on Sunday too (because my parents lives in another State and my brothers went there too), but I was wrong, last night, when I asked him if we could see each other on Sunday morning, get our breakfast together, go to this cool place where I’ve always wanted to go but we can never go because I go to see my parents every weekend, he was like «ahem… ahem… I always wake up so late on Sundays…» so that was a no. It’s so funny, you know? I hate to wake up late, even if I have nothing to do, I feel that I am wasting my time/life if I don’t get up early. And most of the people that I know are the typical person who always get up so so late when they have a day off at work. IMG_1988 IMG_2020 IMG_2024 IMG_2045 Anyway! That was a short update of this weekend. Let’s change of subject! I just started my master degree and guess what? it seems to be a nice quarter 😉 Yeah yeah, I’ll have to study a lot BUT oh God, the teacher that is going to give us TWO subjects/classes is so damn handsome! :O Like, what?! Are you for real? Yeaaahh! So I guess that I am going to be paying attention all the time haha!

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