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I know it’s been a while, but sometimes life gets crazy and yeah. But I’m here now wearing my latest coat from Massimo Dutti 😀 I’ve been craving for a long black coat and I finally got it! it’s so funny that everytime I want something Massimo Dutti has it! That’s why it is my favorite shop 😉 Okay okay, I live in México, so unfortunately the weather  is not that cold, but hopefully there’s going to be a morning/night super cold and I’ll be able to wear it! Yeah, for those who don’t know, in the place where I live, even if it’s winter, you’ll always see the sun shining so bright, even for a couple of hours, the cold weather is only in the mornings or nights…

IMG_3124 IMG_3117

Anyway! here’s a short update of my life so far: my sister got married last Saturday!!! What I’m about to say is not because she is my sister, it’s because I mean it: she was the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen! I loved the dress, so elegant, classy, the makeup, the hair, well, she is so pretty, and she looked so happy 😀 I am so happy for have seen her like that, even though… to be honest, I miss her so much 😦 Right now she is at Cancún,

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