A couple of weeks ago was the birthday of a very good friend (Montse), I was so happy because the whole crew was there! I don’t know if I’ve ever told you about this, but these friends are originally the friends of my sister, from the University, they all studied graphic design, but with the pass of the time they became my friends, at least I consider them my very good friends because I love to reunite with them all the time! Their vibe is so cool and comfortable, that night was definitely a nice and delicious one!

Actually, to be honest, I never meet with my old friends from the uni, the lawyers, they are just so different, it’s funny that I am a lawyer but my vibe is not like theirs haha! Anyway! They say that the friends are the people that you choose to be with, the ones whom you feel comfortable with, right? So I choose the friends of my sister haha!

IMG_2673 IMG_2695

But let me tell you about this place, it’s called ‘Partners & Brothers’ the food is so damn good, Jesus! I’m not like a huge fan of hamburgers, but these ones worth the money, oh yes, the money, because they are so freakin’ expensive! But like I said, if you want to have a nice time and eat delicious, then save money and go there haha!

Okay, the battery of my laptop is almost dead, I have to go now!

Have a wonderful day everyone! 😀


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