IMG_3206Uuuhh, how hard is for me to start my homework, it’s been 4 days since I told myself that I was going to start my homework, but I haven’t :/ Today is like the last chance of the week because tomorrow is Friday and I have to go to the master degree, so time’s up uh? But this article of taxes is for the next week, so maybe that’s the reason why I’ve been such an irresponsible student 😛 I’m planning to start it this weekend, I promise! haha!

So, what did I do yesterday instead of writing my article? I went to the movies with my beloved boy 😀 Yeah, we couldn’t stand not seeing each other the whole week, so we sent some whatsapps saying how much we missed each other and decided to go to watch ‘The Hunger Games’, to be honest, the movie wasn’t that great, I was expecting more… I don’t know, I just didn’t like it that much…

Today? I am with my bf again! 😀 hahaha! You guys have no idea how much I enjoy being with him, we weren’t supposed to see each other to write our own article for the master degree, but look at us, we are just talking and eating cookies and drinking coffee 😛

I have to go now to keep talking with my boyfriend haha, see you around!

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