I’m in love with lace dresses, this dress is my newest acquisition and I want to wear it everyday haha! I think I’m also fascinated with it because of the story that’s behind it:IMG_4397 IMG_4406

I like to check the online shop of massimo dutti all the time, specially the section called «new»; 2 weeks ago I found, on that section, the dress that you’re seeing on the pictures, I remember the exact price of it because, of course, I payed it… well, a week after I purchased it, I checked that page again, and I don’t know why I scrolled down and saw this dress again, only this time its price was $1,000.00 pesos more expensive! I keep checking it because maybe they made a mistake after I payed for it, but no, the page keeps showing the new price, the expensive one! So I don’t know what happened when I bought it, but I guess I’m a lucky girl haha!



Dress – Massimo Dutti // Heels – Adolfo Domínguez // Watch – Daniel Wellington // Sunglasses – Prada


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Law student // Fashion addicted

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