So I took some vacations with my parents and brother, it was the very first trip without my sister (since she got married last year), it felt quite different because I used to be with her all the time, but it was such a nice trip with the rest of my family 🙂 My mother loves to go to the beach A LOT, but my father is like… workaholic? haha! He cannot take vacations very often because he all the time wants to be aware of the work. So it was a quick but nice trip to the beach. What do I love the most about going to the beach? Food! Yeah yeah, I looove the beach, the sea, the sand, the sun, and everything about that place, but one of the things that I really enjoy is eating all that I want at the restaurants 😛 I owe the tittle of this post to the pictures that I’m going to show you; the very first thing that I did when we arrived to the hotel was go to the restaurant, here you guys can see all that my stomach received that day =D
IMG_4914IMG_4916 IMG_4924

Yeah, the mix of my meal couldn’t be catalogued as the perfect one, but, what can I say? I love food, and I want to eat everything that’s near to me 😛IMG_4923

Oh hey! I couldn’t leave without the best part of the moment: the desserts! I took some photos of all the desserts that the restaurant offered that day, so here they are 🙂IMG_4848IMG_4849IMG_4850IMG_4852

I decided to taste these ones, and of course, some delicious fruits:


I hope you all are doing great guys! I have to go now, but I’ll be back with more pictures of my meals, alright? haha 😀

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