It´s July and the sales are finally here! But I don’t know why I always fall for the new season xD I just checked it out and fell for these cuties, it’s funny because I always tend to say this, but I will say it once again: I’ve always wanted these kind of clothes!


This is like a coat or I don’t know how describe it, but damn, it’s gorgeous! As soon as I get it I’ll be waiting for autumn to wear it every single day! haha, okay, maybe not every single day, but Idk why I’m the kind of person who wears the newest clothes very often and after a couple of months (maybe weeks) I get bored of them and throw them away, give them to my sister, or just leave them hidden in my wardrobe.


The next thing I want so bad is this wool vest, isn’t it so pretty? 🙂


Okay, the good news about this next thing is that I won’t have to wait until autumn to wear it, it’s this beautiful white dress! yes yes, I’ve already said it, but I swear, it’s the dress that I’ve been looking for since AGES! It’s so simple but so sophisticated, elegant, simply BEAUTIFUL 😀


Oh, these heels are not from the new season, they’re actually on sales right now, but they are from Adolfo Domínguez, so, of course, they are so pricy, so I’m waiting a little more time to get them, you know, if you wait more they get more discount off 😉


I need them in my life!

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Law student // Fashion addicted

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