The past few days has been raining a lot,  the sky has been covered by gray clouds, but it’s alright! These kind of gray days used to put me in a sad mood, but not anymore, at least not now, I’m starting to love these days, I like to drink a big mug of hot coffee as I watch the rain fall down. So that day I went with him to take a walk, suddenly the weather stopped our walk, so we got into the car and decided to drive and drive out of the city, where there’s no houses, no cars, only the green nature around us, I love that, I love being away from the crowd; You know, I used to be such a shy shyyyy girl, but with the past of the time, when I had to move to the city and leave my town, to study my career, I had to learn to socialize… but that’s not the real me, the real me is a shy girl who prefers being alone, or just with a few persons, drinking some coffee and enjoying the sound of the rain. IMG_5516IMG_5526

Anyway, here you can see what I wore that rainy day: the dress, boots and bag is from Massimo Dutti; the watch from Danie Wellington; and the sunglasses from Ray-Ban 🙂


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