It’s been such a long time and a lot of things has happened. It’s insane how life changes from one moment to another. These pictures were taken when everything seemed to be okay, suddenly, the next week everything changed. But I don’t really want to talk about the sad news. Let’s better talk about what happened last Friday: it was the birthday of my boyfriend! I had (still have) this terrible flu, and the birthday wasn’t as happy as the last one we celebrated at 2015 (because of these bad news), but we still tried to celebrate that he was turning another year, and that we are still together celebrating it. We went to an argentinian restaurant called Bar & Loch, a lot of people recommended it to us, but to be honest, we didn’t like it that much ha! After that, we went to his parent’s house, played chess and waited till the night came to go out and have a dinner with his family. It was a nice birthday, but still breaks my heart see my boyfriend like that, knowing for what he’s going through right now 😦

Okay, after that, I went with my sister, cousins and friends to a night club? it’s that how that place it’s called? it’s called Barezzito, I had heard about that place since forever, it’s like a pub but people are dancing, uuhh, I didn’t like it at all, it’s not my type of places to be at, you know? I enjoy going to coffee places, relaxed and calm places, but I only went there because my cousin from USA came and she wanted to go out, so yeah. Anyway, I only stood there for a very short time, I was so tired and ill, so all I wanted was rest.

Next day (yesterday) I drove my cousin to the airport and went to my town, it was a lazy but lovely Saturday ha! I watched all the episodes of Stranger Things! God, I looved that serie 😀 I cannot wait to the next season ❤ Besides that, my mom injected me because of the terrible flu that is killing me, and I haven’t done anything special after that.

Today I am planning to go to ZARA and buy a turtleneck blouse, I need it in my life, the place where I work at, it so damn cold, the air conditioning is all the time at it’s maximum! So I don’t really have summer days haha! I all the time dress up with sweaters and coats, since the law court is so cold!

Any fuckin’ way, I better go now.


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