Como se podrá notar en las fotos, estaba algo apenada; mientras mi hermano me tomaba las fotos, no dejaban de pasar vehículos y TODOS volteaban a verme… Recuerdo cuando le pregunté a mi amiga Mia que cómo le hacía para tomarse las fotos en la calle (es una amiga de Dinamarca que tiene un blogSigue leyendo «CRAZY WEATHER.»


Hey there! This is the outfit that I wore yesterday, I went to the movies and watched this movie with Tom Cruise, what was the name of it? … oh yeah, Mission: Impossible, and well, I didn’t like it very much, I don’t know, I love action movies but this one was kinda boring, I’veSigue leyendo «05082015»


After a long day of being at home studying, I met with my boyfriend to take a walk and eat something. I specially loved this day because God knows how much I missed long walks with him, he always makes me feel peaceful and happy, I think that’s the best in a relationship, right?


Hey there! Can you believe these pictures were taken at 8:30 pm? My boyfriend and I went for a walk yesterday and I asked him to take me these ones, this outfit is what I usually like to wear, black, black and black, everyone (and I mean every single person) ask me why do ISigue leyendo «BLACK & BLACK»