Hey there! Can you believe these pictures were taken at 8:30 pm? My boyfriend and I went for a walk yesterday and I asked him to take me these ones, this outfit is what I usually like to wear, black, black and black, everyone (and I mean every single person) ask me why do I wear too much Sigue leyendo «BLACK & BLACK»




Hello whoever is reading me! I just bought a new camera and wanted to know how good is it, so yesterday I went with my cousin and friend to take some photos out of the city, the result was better than I expected! Plus, I had so much fun with these girls, I hadn’t seen them in ages! And I know it’s because of me, I spend most of my days with my boyfriend, but I’m planning to change that 🙂Sigue leyendo «AWAY FROM YOU»


Since it’s July, you might be aware that the sales are here! Soooo, I went to the mall to see what could I find ‘cheaper’ than the normal prices, and guess what? I did not like anything! But hey! I saw this dress from the new season of ZARA and couldn’t help it, I had to own it, so this is my newest acquisition 😀Sigue leyendo «WALK.»