Hey everyone. I feel lots of things has changed in my life! I pretty often think about taking back this blog to write about my true feelings, what I’m going through, etc., but I’m afraid someone who knows me in real life gets to know about my life and that scares me. So for now,Sigue leyendo «UPDATE.»


Ok, now I’m able to talk about this. A couple of months ago, last year, when I didn’t have a job, I went to this government institution to have an interview, they told me that they were going to call me but come on, it’s a job at the government, my hopes weren’t so high,Sigue leyendo «TIME FOR NEW BEGINNINGS»


After a long day of being at home studying, I met with my boyfriend to take a walk and eat something. I specially loved this day because God knows how much I missed long walks with him, he always makes me feel peaceful and happy, I think that’s the best in a relationship, right?


Mi semana en mi pueblo esta terminando, mi novio casi regresa de vacaciones y yo más ansiosa no puedo estar!! 😀 Hoy me reuní con mis primas y horneamos un pan de calabacita, quedó delicioso! Amo hornear y mucho más comérmelo todo recién salido del horno 🙂


Supongo que el título lo dice todo, mi atuendo favorito: skinny jeans negros y blusa floja blanca, no olvidemos los lentes ray ban y un labial obscuro, que aunque sea verano y sé que no esta de moda los tonos obscuros, aún así me encanta 😉